3, 2, 1… School is Back!

By Allison Crawford


Well, it is that time of year again, where we as students and young adults begin to freak out and panic that the new school year is about to begin. We begin to imagine the first day back looming over us like a big fat grey rain cloud. Unless, that is, you are excited and can’t wait to see your friends and academic peers again, maybe even a few favourite professors. For me personally, I can’t remember the exact time I was truly ecstatic to go back to school – it was sometime when I was in junior high (though I do have to admit that I do geek out a bit in the sense of enthusiastically anticipating certain classes I am enrolled in for the upcoming academic year). I must say though that I also slowly count down the remaining dog days of summer with remorse.

Now going back to school isn’t as bad as it really seems. It may seem like a big dog with a big bite, but in reality, this big dog only has a small bite. This is because humans are creatures of habit and do not like change, so returning to a fall routine after months of lazy summer days seems horrible at first. Once we begin to get in the groove of things though, it really isn’t as bad as what we’d made it out to be.

As for the remaining dog days of summer…well, summer technically does not end until the beginning of the fall equinox (if you really want to get technical), which is Friday, September 22nd. So instead of moping around due to the beginning of the school year (if you still think it is the end of the world because summer break is over), I would recommend for you to take a calendar and lay it out on the table for some visual representation. Here you can begin to plan your last few summer adventures before the season is over, before you become overwhelmed with tasks, assignments, and tests that inevitably come with the fall semester. If you need some inspiration, don’t look too far from Edmonton, for there are plenty of things to do within the city. A decent website to consider is ExploreEdmonton.com; you’ll find here a list of current and ongoing events in the city. So whether your last summer jaunts are within the city or outside of it, I hope you make the most of your last few days of the break. If university is killing you already, take comfort in knowing that reading week is only within an arm’s length or two (November 13-17).

P.S. good luck to all of you in your new academic year!       

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