Concordia Thunder: Volleyball

by Rebekka Hay


Hello Concordia! I am Rebekka Hay, and as your Athletic Ambassador, I am delighted to be covering stories surrounding athletics. The strategy that I have put in motion for the first half of this semester is to focus on each of Concordia’s sports teams; this will lend fellow students insight on the unique training, perspectives, and challenges faced by student athletes. Each successive article will develop around one sport in particular. That being said, this article will recognize the Thunder volleyball teams.

Recently, I had the pleasure of discussing Thunder Men’s Volleyball with one of the senior players, Damien Leroy. Damien is a fourth year member of the team and plays the position of libero. When asked how he and his teammates prepare for games throughout the season, Damien answered that the team will watch previous game footage of their opponents. By doing this, they are able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their challengers, thereby allowing the development of specific strategies that will capitalize their chances of winning. Moreover, the team has a stacked starting line comprised of mainly fourth- and fifth-year players, along with five rookies on this year’s roster. Upon my asking him what the overall goal is for the Men’s team this season, Damien stated, “Consistency. We have a team made up almost entirely of mature players and we are expecting a good season, but the primary focus is continued consistency throughout the year.”

Additionally, I was given the opportunity to speak with Tianna Smith, a third-year who holds the middle position from the Women’s Volleyball team. She revealed that the team focus for this season is to improve overall cohesion and gameplay. Also, Tianna pointed out that the team is determined to continue building the fundamental foundations which will help increase their resiliency and overall successes. In regards to how the players equip themselves for game day, Tianna noted that “we tend to put emphasis on our mental preparation. We hold team discussions meant to ensure player collaboration and also individual visualizations of triumphs during the game. Then we hold meetings where we set both singular and team goals to help guide us and remain dedicated each game weekend.”

Tianna also commented that her favourite part about being a member of Concordia Athletics is the sense of belonging that it has provided for her. “By playing a varsity sport, I have been granted the privilege to meet new friends and continue to pursue one of my greatest passions.”

We wish the best of luck to both teams as they set out to represent Concordia. I also encourage everyone to go out and support Concordia’s volleyball teams.


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Go Thunder!

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