Concordia Thunder: Cross Country

by Rebekka Hay


Hello, Concordia! It is time to broadcast this week’s athletics teams! The focus for this week is Concordia’s fantastic cross country teams.

Concordia’s cross country team is exceptionally talented. The women’s team last year qualified for nationals, which is both an impressive and difficult feat to achieve (the team must qualify third overall out of all other ACAC cross country teams). Moreover, the women’s team is hoping to qualify for nationals again this year, which is hosted in November in Montreal. The first race of the season proved to be very successful for both the men’s and women’s teams: all members walked away from the race with a new PB. “PB” means personal best, and for a runner to achieve this, they need to beat the fastest recorded time from any ACAC race. To further explain this, the women’s runners commit to a 6-kilometer race, and the men’s runners compete in 8 kilometers.

For this issue, I’ve interviewed two women’s runners and one men’s. Bailey Troccoli-Hughes is a third-year powerhouse. Mienna Starosielski, a second-year, is an indoor champion. Bailey frequently finishes top twenty in ACAC competitions, and Mienna won a bronze medal in the indoor 600m provincial championships last year. Both of them agree that one of the best things about the running team is the “mental health break,” and also the “amazing friendships that both of them have gained.” Furthermore, they remark that they are individuals who have always been passionate about running, and so the outlet provided by the team is outstanding. When asked about the specific mindsets the women’s team would adapt to get the team to nationals, both members stated that it relies on “getting back to the basics.” For both Bailey and Mienna, this requires “proper hydration, adequate sleep, and consistency in their training.” We wish them and the rest of the women’s team the best of luck on their pursuit to Montreal.

For the Men’s team, I interviewed Jackson Murrell. He is a third-year and thrives during the indoor track season. Specifically, he does exceptionally well in the 300m sprint. Individually, Jackson commented that some of his goals for this year’s cross country season are to “constantly push myself to beat my personal best.” Jackson pointed out that this is sometimes difficult for cross country runners because as they improve throughout a season, mere seconds can make all the difference. For Jackson, he stated that “if a runner isn’t able to beat their PB at a race, it can be a drag on their motivation, which makes it tough to bounce back for the following weekend.” Jackson points out that this is a unique challenge for cross country athletes. The men’s team is also hoping to qualify for nationals this year, and they are committed to pushing themselves at every practice and race to achieve this goal.


Both teams are always looking for positive, energetic, and committed people to join them for practices. Furthermore, they continue to encourage anyone looking to learn more about the team to never hesitate in approaching them.

We wish the best of luck to both teams on the remainder of their seasons!!


Go Thunder!

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