12 Perfect Gift Ideas for that Special Girl

By: Marina Gendi


Christmas is almost here gentlemen, and it’s nearly time to get that special someone a present. Let’s be honest; it’s a confusing time of the year. By now you’re feeling kind of stumped and that special someone has had her gift picked out for you for months. Don’t worry, though, because I will show you the 12 best gift ideas for this holiday season, whether you want to buy a fancy, expensive gift or craft something for her yourself. The most important thing is that you are thoughtful in your process, and she will be happy for sure! This means that you take into consideration what she likes and work with that.


  1. DIY Candles

Ok, this is super easy. You will need crayons, a candle wick, candle holder, and whatever your heart desires regarding decorations (this can be ribbons or cut up hearts, etc…).  First, you take the wick and add it to the candle holder. Then, take the crayons and melt them into the candle holder. Next, decorate to your taste! Finally, add a personal sweetheart message to go with your candle. You can even step it up a level and make a bunch of candles–maybe even with different color selections!


  1. Tiffany & CO.

There is just something about that blue that appeals to a girl’s very soul. Prices can be a little hefty here but there are still options for nearly every range. What you may not know is Tiffany & CO is one of those companies that have been advertising daily on females’ Facebook pages. Maybe that special someone is already fantasizing about that blue box.


  1. Snow Globe Cookie Jar

There is nothing sweeter nor more heartwarming than making a present for your special someone. It shows you put in time and thoughtfulness. What you will need is a jar (mason, cookie, anything with a lid and see-through), marshmallows, cotton, and the accessories you wish to design your jar with (Christmas tree, snowman, Eiffel tower, etc.), and ribbon. First, take the marshmallow and place it in the bottom of the jar. Then, add your chosen trinkets! Next, take tiny pieces of the cotton and put them in the jar. Once you are satisfied with it, seal the jar and tie the ribbon around the seal. Don’t forget to add the heartwarming message!


  1. Sweater

This might be the last thing you think you should give as a gift, but haven’t you noticed that your significant other takes your sweaters anyways? The sheer comfort is blissful, and sweaters bring comfort to the soul.


  1. A Mug

A mug–but not just any mug, a thoughtful mug, maybe even engraved with a sweet message for her. Complete the present by filling it with her favorite treats. If she loves to read and you want to take the gift to the next level, include a gift card to her favorite bookstore with her favorite treats.


  1. Charmed Aroma Candles

These candles are also advertised heavily on female-focused Facebook pages. But what is it? They’re candles that come in every smell, and it gets even better: in the center of the candle is a hidden ring. These rings can value up to $5000! If this is the way you want to go, just know that you have to order them online, and they sell out super fast!


  1. Pandora

Jewelry has always been a girl’s best friend and jewelry from Pandora has been a longtime favorite for many. They offer a variety of items but are most famous for their charm bracelets. Maybe that particular someone has been collecting charms for a while, or they are in love with the ring collection there. Either way, Pandora has you covered.


  1. Painting

If you have some creativity in you, draw or paint something thoughtful. You can add a message to the back of the picture.


  1. Fitbit

Every year we make the same New Year’s Resolution, “this year I will save money, lose weight, and be successful.” However, sometimes, we actually accomplish our resolutions. Maybe both of you are trying to achieve these goals together. A Fitbit could be just the thing you both need to finally get it done.


  1. Homemade Bath bombs

Girls like bath bombs, but imagine how much more they will love them when they are handmade by you. First, you will need to combine, in a bowl, 8 oz of baking soda, 4 oz of cornstarch, 4 oz of Epsom salt, and 4 tbsp of cream of tartar. Then, in a separate bowl, combine 3/4 tbsp of water, 2 tsp of essential oil or fragrance, 2 1/2 tbsp of vegetable oil, and 1 or 2 drops of food coloring. Next, you will have to mix the wet and dry ingredients, adding the wet ingredients slowly to the dry. After, pack the mixture into plastic ornaments, then let them dry overnight. Voila!



Are you both sentimental types? Do you have all the ticket stubs of every movie you went to with her? Even better, mementos of your time spent with each other, pictures too? If so this gift idea is perfect for her! Get a scrapbook, and add all those memories to the pages. Let it be a reminder of what you did with each other, and a window to what is yet to come.


  1. Book

Is she a bookworm? If so, books will be the way to her heart. If you have no idea which book or books to get her, figure out what genre she likes. Then, go to a bookstore and tell a sales associate, who can show you the best sellers that might be of interest to her.


One of these twelve ideas should do the trick! Figure out what she likes and adhere to that. The most important thing is to make sure you give it some thought. It’s the thought that counts, after all. Good luck!

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