Jingle Bell Hell?

By Nicole Beaver


For this issue, I’m bringing you a short clip on the stress that comes with every holiday season. It’s the holidays, and people are hustling and bustling to get everything done on time. Expenses, time, and patience are things not all of us have the luxury of, especially as university students. What can be done? If you’ve waited this long, it might be too late; for future reference, however, I’ve decided to include a few tips that might help you keep your cool.


  1.   Budget! I’ve found that when you plan out a certain amount of money you will spend on Christmas presents, things go a lot smoother. You have a limit on what you’ll spend per person. Even choosing just one gift to give each person on your list is easier! Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and making yourself even more broke than you already are isn’t a good idea.


  1.    Shop Online! I cannot tell you how many times this has saved me. It saves the hassle of having to navigate your way through a jam-packed store, and if you use services like Amazon Prime, shipping is free. On that note, shipping costs can otherwise be pretty hefty; when you’re ordering from somewhere that does not provide free shipping, it’s best to go for a slower shipment and pay a lower price rather than have it expedited for twice the cost. Protip: this only works if you order far enough in advance that you’ll actually get your gifts on time! This leads me to the next point…


  1.    Shop Early! If you know what to get someone, get it on sale. Ideally, you’d be getting everything done in November rather than waiting till Christmas Eve. After Remembrance Day, the Christmas rush begins, and with midterms, projects, and finals looming over us, it’s best to avoid any added stress!


  1.    Homemade Christmas Cookies! Who doesn’t love a batch of freshly baked cookies? At my house, it isn’t Christmas until my mother makes her bite-sized shortbread cookies. My sister and I make baskets of cookies for friends and teachers. Pick a few recipes online, plan out ingredients, and shop for them. (Remember to plan for any potential food allergies or dietary restrictions!) To wrap the gifts, you can purchase holiday-themed tins or mason jars from a dollar store.


  1.   Take Time for Yourself! This is the most important tip of all. Even if the season is about giving, it doesn’t mean you have to fall over  in a royal Christmas meltdown due to exhaustion. This season, it’s easy to get stressed because of school and the holidays combined, so don’t be afraid to step back and take an hour to do something other than study and shop. Read your favourite book, watch a show on Netflix, take a hot bath, or listen to music. Anything that makes you feel happy and relaxed is good!


I hope these tips help you save some time. Good luck to everyone prepping for tests!

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