CUE Badminton

By Rebekka Hay


For this issue of the Bolt, I was able to interview the captain of the Badminton team, Takeisha Wang! She is pursuing a science degree with a Biology major and a Psychology minor. Additionally, Takeisha is in her third year. Takeisha commented that her dad is a badminton coach, so she and her brother, Desmond (who is also on the team), have grown up playing the sport.


Furthermore, there are only four ACAC schools that have badminton teams: NAIT, Concordia, Old’s, and King’s. This year’s Nationals are being hosted by Concordia. Last year, Takeisha won second in Nationals for the 2016-2017 season.




Takeisha was able to provide me with some details on the regulations of Badminton. Here is a list of things to know about the sport:



As the win/loss/draw (tie) of each match provides the team with a particular delegated number of points, the team needs to place as high as possible to be ranked above other teams. At the end of the tournament, the officials tally said scores to determine the winners.



If you win a singles match, the winning player earns 15 points. The organization of the tournament is as follows:


First, the singles players compete, which is then followed by mixed doubles (men and women teams combined, with one male and one female per team), and lastly, doubles. Moreover, the points from each game are determined individually, and the total tournament points are tallied to come up with the winner. Because singles are determined via an individual basis, there is the possibility of a Concordia player facing off against a fellow team member- a unique aspect of Badminton. Additionally, each player may only play two of the three events.


Takeisha mentioned that something worth taking into account for this season is that Concordia has a very  “strong team; it’s the first time in a while that the Concordia was able to conquer NAIT, which means there is a very good shot at winning a Nationals title.”


Provincials: February 10-11


To qualify for Nationals, Takeisha mentioned that “the best players” are taken from all ACAC schools, and these players are determined at the Provincial tournament. A reminder (if you have read any of the previous articles)–ACAC stands for “Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference.” The players are then divided into a total of two teams. Team 1, which is derived from the top-ranking players from the Provincial tournament. Finally, the second team, which holds the wildcard spot. To make “Team 1,” players must place first in one of the five events, and second place finishers form Team 2.

Team 1 forms the  “Team Alberta,” which automatically goes to Nationals. Lastly, whichever event you qualify for at Provincials will be the game you play in Nationals.



Now for some exciting news…your very own Concordia will be hosting this year’s 2017/2018 Badminton Nationals! The tournament will be held from February 28 – March 3. This will be an excellent opportunity to see your very own Concordia Badminton team hard at work; speaking of work, the tournament lasts for a total of four days. So you’re getting an extremely high volume of gameplay paired with intense competition. Be sure to get out and cheer on your Concordia Thunder!


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