CUE Hockey

By Rebekka Hay


What up Concordia! 

For this issue of The Bolt, CUE Hockey will be the topic of interest. Patrick Carlin, a second year who is majoring in English with a Psychology minor, generously set time aside to provide me with some unique insights on the team! Patrick and I were able to discuss playoffs, the development of the team, some training information.

Patrick, who plays defense on the Thunder Hockey, pointed out that despite it being a “younger group of guys on the team, recruitment for the program has come a long way.” Right off the bat, he commented that the team is “right on par with last year,” not to mention that many of the players had previously played together so the chemistry for the team was great. All of the players on the team have played in leagues around Edmonton with high levels of competition, so they were excited to bring that energy into the ACAC League.

Patrick also mentioned that the “coaches are constantly challenging us,” which translates positively on the impact that the team has in the league. In regards to the regular season, the team was quite competitive and battled hard throughout both semesters. Patrick said he was “looking forward to next year, there is a lot of growth expected for and we are coming together as a team.”

“When the team has a roster of primarily new guys, this generally means a rebuilding season, but the team is incredibly excited to come out hard next year.”


The CUE Thunder made it to playoffs via a Wildcard spot. To earn this “wildcard,” the team had a huge final weekend against Briercrest to ensure their place in the playoffs. The win sealed the deal, and your CUE Thunder Hockey looked forward to participating in the 2017/18 Men’s Hockey Championship.

Patrick recalled how excited the team was able to play in the championship, and he remarked that it was “the first time the team had participated in a playoff game as a team.”  CUE faced off against Red Deer College for a first best-of-three quarter-final playoff series. Red Deer won the series in two. For the last game against RDC, they rallied hard and showed a lot of character, and although they lost the game, Patrick said that “the team took a lot of positives from the game and are looking forward to next year.” He also mentioned that recruits next year will be minimal.

As a final note, Patrick mentioned that, during the season, they won against their rival team, NAIT Ooks. It was an exciting game where Patrick noted that “they we were able to prove to ourselves that even though we are a young group that we can compete in this league, and the team is definitely on a considerable upswing for next season.”

For training over the summer, the CUE Thunder is focused on their physicality. The standard of fitness is very high in the league, so to keep up requires plenty of discipline. Patrick stated that “especially during tight games, the fitness level can be the difference between a win and a loss, so we are going to work hard over the summer.”

Lastly, a shout out to Adam Wheeldon, who was a forward selected for the ACAC Men’s Hockey All-Conference team (Second All-Conference Team)!

Patrick also said that the team “appreciates the support from the students, and are working hard to make the program something which the school can get behind and feel proud of.”


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