CUE Golf

By Rebekka hay

For the final CUE Thunder article of the year, I have one sport left to cover…golf! Kassidy Turcotte, who is a third-year majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Math (um wow), took the time to tell me about the team.

First, a little background: Kassidy has been golfing since she could walk. Her family had a cabin that was near a golf course that she grew up playing on. Kassidy then turned to competitive golfing at age 13. She travelled around Alberta averaging around twelve tournaments a summer.

Kassidy remarked that she enjoys golf because of the individuality present in the sport.  The onus is always on her, and she only compares herself to her previous victories or downfalls rather than other players. The act of winning or losing in golf is entirely up to you. She also discussed how it is a hugely mental game where the determinant to success is up to the individual.

Additionally, Kassidy mentioned how fulfilling it is to do well despite golf being a hugely male-dominated sport. Next, Kassidy discussed the ACAC Provincial Championships.


Kassidy discussed how tough provincials were for her; the weather was not in her favour and it was extremely windy and cold (terrible conditions for golf). She also remarked how the weather was getting to her and how she was a negative influence on herself. She discussed how she was doubting herself, being fully aware that she could have been playing a stronger game. Despite the ongoing mental battle on the course, she saw, back in the clubhouse, that the scoring had her in second place–which is tremendous.

Her ability to play tough really shone through in this instance. Moreover, she stated how she owed a fair amount to her coach as he continued to help her push through and stay focused. After her excellent performance at Provincials, Kassidy now had to play a “waiting game.”

To qualify for Nationals, you need to finish at minimum top four as an individual. However, teams take priority over single players. Therefore, Kassidy was thrown into a flurry of activities and preparations to get ready despite not even having confirmation that she was going.  She continued practicing at indoor facilities and was also signing a ton of paperwork. After a hectic few weeks, Kassidy discovered that she did qualify! What a roller coaster!


The 2018 Nationals were hosted in Oshawa, Ontario.

Kassidy recalled that the course for Nationals was definitely the “hardest course she had ever played in her life.” After all, it was a CPGA (Canadian Professional Golf Association) qualifying course, so it was extremely tough. For example, Kassidy discussed how, on one hole, there were approximately 17 sand traps. Furthermore, the length of the course was longer than she was used to, but the weather worked in her favour, and her performance was outstanding throughout.

Kassidy played a phenomenal tournament and finished 15th overall at Nationals–congrats!

Though Kassidy was pleased with her game, her goal for next year is to finish first at the CCAA (Canada Collegiate Athletic Association) Provincials and top seven at Nationals.

As a final note, the school team is always looking for new members; to find information on joining, I encourage you to visit the Athletics website on the Concordia homepage.

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