Weekend Fire Alarm Catches Campus By Surprise

Smoke from a cooking steak in the men’s dormitory triggered the fire alarm on the Concordia University of Edmonton campus at approximately 4:30 this afternoon.

Students studying in various areas of the school seemed more confused than concerned when the building was suddenly filled with the loud chirping of the alarm. The initial group exited the building quickly, but many students and staff did not file out until minutes later.

The fire department arrived quickly to investigate. Those waiting outside were given the all clear within a few minutes and re-entered the building.

Campus security is urging students to contact them if they ever trigger the system in order to prevent lengthy searches for the source of the alarm. “Even though the fire panels are there, it would still be helpful to know from the student what’s happening, if it’s big or if it’s small,” they say.

You can contact security by phone at (780) 479-8761.

Staff and students alike should also remember that alarm tests are announced via email. In the absence of that warning, focus on getting out of the building first and ask questions later.

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