Backwards Garden


  1. Becks


I Know Everything Thing May Seem Backward


Or Simply Out of place


Let me take your hand


And sing that Bluesy Song


Sing for me


Come honey I take you ’round the garden


I know you may be scared


But trust me doll


Your the fairest


And I won’t let you fall


Just sing that song


Take my hand and forever we’ll go.


Take my hand


I know you may be scared


Everything is twisted


But don’t be scared as we sing that bluesy song


Take my hand and through the valley we’ll go


Sing for me my dear


I’ll fight your foes


You have nothing to fear


Stop those tears


And sing that song


‘Round the garden


Through the valley


Take my hand


Honey sing that song for me


Off we go round and round


Sing that song, that bluesy song


Let out your sound


I long for it so


Take my hand and we’ll go far


Sing your pretty voice


I know about your scars


Just take my hand and kisses little dear


Come with me now


Through the valley


Take my hand you’ll be safe


Just sing for me love


Sing for me that bluesy song


I’ll take you to the garden


I’ll hold your hand tight


You won’t get lost little one


No need to fight anymore


Sing for me that bluesy song


Your sweet, sweet sound


The one I’m so fond of


Little butterfly kisses and curled flowers


In the garden through the valley


I’ll take you there


Just take my hand


Just sing for me, it’s only fair


Sing for me that bluesy song


As we lay under the Willow tree


Sing for me dear


That bluesy song


Your soft voice


Sing to me


Look at me with your crystal eyes


I want to see


No surprises little one


Just sing that bluesy song


In my garden


Sing for me, help the flowers grow


The sprites will dance


Sing it slow


Sing for me child


Let your voice ring


Little dear


Sing for me your charming voice


Let yourself wander


Sing that bluesy song


Make the flowers grow


Make the wind dance


Stop your tears little dear


Sing the song


In my backwards garden


Sing for me oh sweet honey


Song for me dear


And take my hand off we go




  1. Becks


Her skin is white,


Almost grey like clouds on summer day


Her mind is an antonym of storm clouds


Her eyes let so many tears run free


She thought she’d drown


Her lips pale and longing


Her skin tickles and shivers for touch


Her heart no better than an ice block in her Blue faded, chest


Her icy presence makes others chill


Her soul trapped in a grave under a dead mangled tree, on a abandoned hill


With crooked branches like his grin


With pair of chilling eyes


In grotesque way she was thankful


She couldn’t remember the wicked ways of man


She believed his lies and that’s how she died


It was all part of his plan


But she could never be free of the sadness that wraps around her like a shroud


Like chains,


She’s bound,


Just a ghost,


Just a forgotten girl,


Long ago buried





To break the surface of something great–


To delve in deep without mistake–


The desire to wander the garden within–


The need to feel things that make you spin.


Insatiable lust to be woven inside–


Unquenchable thirst to be one with the tide.


I circle the surface, my face to the floor–


Begging to be on your side of the door.


Our love is Henna–beautiful, grand;


Circular patterns down to the hand–


Can we transform it into a tattoo?


How can I transfer this longing to you?

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