You Need Sales

By Asfandyar Memon


As an immigrant, I always believed that Canada was the land of opportunity–that this blessed land would get me to closer to my dreams and ambitions. The moment I actually came to Canada, however, that belief was proven to be nothing more than the wishful thinking of a child. I have quickly realized that some people get what they want in life and others don’t. Since arriving in Canada, I have learned that there is only one thing which distinguishes those that get what they want from those who don’t, and that is the fact that successful people know how to make “sales.”


I know what you’re thinking: why this writer talking about sales? Why is this skill so important in life? Alright, here is question for you: why are some of your teachers great at teaching while others feel boring and make you want to go to sleep? The answer is that the interesting teachers are great salespeople. What I mean by that is these teachers have a burning passion for what they are teaching; additionally, their passionate method of teaching instils interest within students, ultimately serving as an asset to students’ futures.


To be completely honest, I was never a fan of sales because they always seem a bit manipulative. I once had a fully negative image of salespeople, but this thinking was challenged when I was introduced to my dear friend (who later became my coach in business), Mr. Kamrudin Hirani. He told me that, in life, you are either selling or failing. You can be anything in life: if you want to be a lawyer, you could be selling the judge your argument on the innocence of your client; if you’re a parent, you could be selling your kids the concept of going to bed early. If you are asking someone out, you are selling them the prospect of a first date, which could then lead to selling that person the idea of becoming your life partner. As Mr. Hirani explained this principle to me, I initially looked at it with confusion. I didn’t understand how commission could be compared to real-life situations. He clarified this for me by saying that commission can be anything–love, respect, power–commission is more than a simple paycheque. He told me that if you want to control your life and create a future you desire, you need to learn how to sell.


The ability to make “sales” is an important skill you must develop in order to learn to deal with people. Once this skill has been developed, you’re able to understand people and ideas on much deeper levels, and you also build mental toughness when it comes to dealing with rejection.


As a business student who has fair experience in sales, I can confidently say that, by mastering the principle behind sales, you will increase your abilities to develop long-lasting friendships and reach goals you may not have thought possible.

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