From the Editor: Welcome and Welcome Back

By Nick Clark

Well, well, well, look who’s back. If you started your year in September, like me, congratulations, you’re halfway there, reader. Thanks for starting out 2019 by picking up a copy of The Bolt or reading on our website,

If you’re new to Concordia this month, welcome aboard! I’ve been a student at Concordia for nearly four years. I’ll be completely frank with you: there have been ups and downs. As a small University, Concordia has some quirks. The trick to making the most of your time here is to learn how to make the most of those quirks.

Classes are small, which is great for discussion and getting to know your fellow students. You’ll also probably see a lot of familiar faces in your classes, which makes group work significantly easier to prepare for. It’s a lot more difficult to get by without contributing to class discussions, but I’ve seen a few people manage it, so if that’s your dream, don’t give up on it yet.

As a result of the small number of students in a class, it’s easier to get to know your professors and potentially benefit from some one-on-one attention. All professors hold office hours on campus, so they should always have the time to meet with you if you want some help.

Something to be wary of, especially as Concordia grows its population more and more each semester, is class selection. Choosing classes quickly is a necessity, especially for those in the Arts faculty where most of our student population resides. Classes have the potential to fill up quickly, and there isn’t always more than one option, so it’s best to make your selections as soon as you can.

Speaking of selecting classes, you’ll find that sometimes the class you want or even need to take is not available at a reasonable time for you, or at all. This has happened to many of us here and is one of the unfortunate realities of attending a school like Concordia. From personal experience, I recommend planning as much of your degree ahead of time as possible. That includes checking prerequisites for future classes.

Beyond classes, there are multiple other ways for you to be involved on campus. The Bolt is one of them. If you have an interest you don’t see represented in The Bolt, anyone is able to submit an article. Our office is on campus in the library (office L279), so you’re free to drop by to pitch ideas or ask any questions whenever you like. You can also email us at any time. It just so happens we are also hiring editing staff for next year, so keep your eyes open for more information on applying for an editing position later this month if that interests you.

There are also many student-led clubs active here at Concordia, which you can investigate further at our club fair. Check out the back page of this issue for more information on the club fair.

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