Mistakes Immigrants Make in Canada

By Asfandyar Memon

Moving to a new country is never an easy decision to make. The hurdles and challenges that come with the moving process are so high; at every point, one has to make sure that they don’t end up making certain mistakes, which could cost not just time and energy but also a lot of money.

When an immigrant comes to Canada, it is a totally new world for them. The cultures, the society, the weather, the people–everything is different. Even the most educated newcomers find it difficult to adjust and face the same struggle to settle. These factors influence them, and this often leads them to make some severe mistakes.

The most common mistakes that immigrants make in Canada regards the decision of which city they want to live in. They are very excited and begin to live in expensive and popular cities like Vancouver and Toronto, not realizing that the housing costs, local taxes, and the daily costs of living are crazy high in these cities. They arrive with the intention of earning and saving money but end up spending more than their income. It is imperative that, in such cities, newcomers plan to start living as humble of a life as possible, choosing cities which will help them save money and, as a result, settle easily.

Another major mistake new immigrants tend to make is leading life with the same cultures and traditions as in their home countries while often refusing to adapt to Canadian culture. It is said that “when in Rome, do as the Romans do,” so it is very important that, while not completely ignoring our own cultures, we adopt the customs of where we are living and try to learn the way the things work.

Another common mistake is the approach towards searching for jobs. Many of us, as immigrants, fail to realize that Canada is multicultural diverse, and, as such, has a very competitive market. It is not very common to find a job which perfectly suits their backgrounds, and this is purely due to a general lack of awareness and little knowledge of the stiff competition they face. This kind of inexperience forces most new immigrants to accept lower paying jobs aside from the obvious fact that many degrees and certifications from other countries do not transfer to Canada.

It is very important that an immigrant chooses carefully where they intend to settle. One has to make sure to research job opportunities in their field, look up housing costs and availability, as well as other economic and cultural factors. All of these play a crucial role in successful assimilation and personal success.

The next mistake that new immigrants make in Canada is a failure to build adequate credit history–or, the opposite, they go overboard with credit cards and take out big loans, resulting in being unable to pay debts back. This, in turn, ruins their credit scores. Many of them do not realize that most companies in Canada do credit checks within their hiring process.

Buying vehicles with high monthly payments, ineffective financial or savings strategies, not upgrading their education, lack of communication–there are many mistakes that immigrants make when coming into a new country, but all that said, please do not let this discourage you or your families! It’s easy to fall into these mistakes, but hopefully, this article helps clear up some common confusion.

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