Super Bowl 2019: The Half-Time Show

Denis Latifi

At this year’s Super Bowl, the LA Rams and the New England Patriots started out the first half of the game with a bang. That’s right–a whopping three points from a field goal by the Patriots got them up, and they finished off the first half of the game with a 3-0 lead.

In all seriousness, it was a bit underwhelming. Like me, most viewers were expecting a great halftime show from Maroon 5, who were the headliners for the performance with special guests including Travis Scott–who many thought would propose to girlfriend and baby mama Kylie Jenner–and Big Boi, who was part of the hip-hop duo Outkast. I was hyped for the show because of so many things that could’ve been done throughout the performance to show support for the NFL-exiled QB, Colin Kaepernick, but throughout the entirety of the performance, it did not live up to said hype.

Now, granted, Maroon 5 played all the hit songs–including “Harder to Breathe,” “This Love,” “She Will be Loved,” “Sugar,” and “Moves Like Jagger”–and were sung well by lead vocalist Adam Levine, but many people, myself included, thought the performance was “bland” and “uninspired.” When I thought that the world was ending and that the performance couldn’t get any worse, Spongebob’s “Sweet Victory” didn’t even play all the way through–the intro to the song acted as a mere segway into Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode.” Big Boi was possibly the best performer on stage, even though he was only rapped for “The Way You Move”. I think that the moment that made me want to switch it off was when Adam Levine stripped himself of his shirt during “Moves Like Jagger,” which left many fans bewildered as Janet Jackson had previously been banned from performing at a Super Bowl due to a wardrobe mishap, being fined a whopping $550,000.

As an avid football fan, I really wanted to write about how great the show was and how I enjoyed watching some of my favourite artists perform; however, I feel disappointed in the sense that none of the singers really cared to express their support for Kaepernick. It was a shame that Adam Levine & Co. delivered such bland performances of some timeless songs that his fans love. It was disappointing that Travis Scott only sang/rapped a little bit of “Sicko Mode” and Big Boi only had one track. It was disappointing to see the obvious sexism that is currently being displayed by the NFL and the entertainment industry by demonstrating a complete double standard in how Adam Levine was able to strip off his shirt and Janet Jackson was blacklisted due to a malfunction.

Overall, the halftime show was a complete bust (the game wasn’t any better), but I did give “Sweet Victory” a listen after the game ended, and that made me feel a little better.

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