Weren’t Able to Make it to the Career Fair? Here’s What You Missed.

By Nuha Taha

School is hard and students are busy–trust me, I get it, but whether you are in class, at home, or just avoiding the Tegler traffic during career fair, you still deserve to know who was there and whether or not any of it was beneficial to you, and that’s why I’m writing this recap to fill you in.

First off, I thought I’d mention something that pretty much anyone can do. One business that made an appearance was Enterprise Rent-a-Car. This is a company that is constantly in search of people who will work part-time, mostly in customer service positions. The Enterprise representatives also mentioned that they are currently looking for people to work full-time in office positions and, if you’re a Bachelor of Management student towards the end of your program, the good news is that they’re looking for someone just like you. If you’re not, however, don’t be discouraged as you still have a chance due to background diversity being super important to the company. If this seems like something you’d be interested in, you can visit https://careers.enterprise.com/ for more information or to apply.

Another table that seemed to be catching the attention of a lot of students was Correctional Services Canada. If you don’t immediately know what that means, neither did I–as I found out, however, it means working in a correctional facility with federal funding, such as a prison or detention center. If you’ve always wanted to help people, this might be the way to do it by changing lives and protecting Canadians. Unfortunately, there were quite a few requirements for this job as it would mean that you would be a federal public servant. To apply for this job, you must be at least 18 years of age, have a driver’s license, and be willing to go through physical and psychological assessments as there is a certain amount of risk involved in jobs like this one. Another thing is that this is a full-time job that one recruitment representative specified might not be the best fit for full-time students, but it is still a great opportunity for anyone, especially those studying anything to do with social work, criminology, and psychology. The catch is that the application process can take up to a year, so if you’re interested, you should get started on your application right away at www.jobs.gc.ca. Further information can be found at www.csc-scc.gc.ca.

But maybe that’s not your thing–maybe it’s not exciting enough. If that’s the case, there were two tables that also presented on helping people, but this time, it was via protecting the streets that run through the city (and country). Even though I’m pretty sure you already have an idea of what I’m referring to, I’m talking about being a cop. The Edmonton Police Service is hiring seven days a week and 365 days out of the year. They hire their officers in classes of roughly 25 people and, instead of looking to hire only one class, they’re looking to hire three. The other group is the RCMP, who train approximately 1200 cadets a year but are hoping to bump that number to 1500 with the help of the great men and women of this country who want to help. If this sounds like the job for you, you can find more information and apply at http://www.joineps.ca/ or http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/police-officer-careers?careers.

Maybe you’re looking for something to do in the summer but a job isn’t exactly your type of thing–did you maybe want to learn a second language, such as French? Explore Without Limits is a 5-week program open to Canadian citizens or permanent residents who want to learn French at any level. The program involves choosing one of the many interesting study locations and attending workshops and activities to help either build on your French skills or build a strong foundation for you to build onto in the future, and the best part is that public funding covers most of the expenses with the exception of travel costs. The program is described as an adult summer camp and sounds like a load of fun. For more details or to apply, visit www.myexplore.ca. If you’re already proficient in French, you could also take a year to participate in the company’s other program, Odyssey, in which you would be paid $20/hour to help francophone students in Quebec learn English, and the best part is that the only experience you need is one year of university. If this is more your speed, the place to go learn more or apply is www.myodyssey.ca.

Did the travel part of the Explore program appeal to you but then seem wrong because French isn’t your thing? If that’s the case, how do international internships and volunteering sound? AIESEC is full of opportunities for anyone between 18 and 30 years old, including internships for people interested in IT, business administration, and marketing as well as jobs for people interested in those same things as well as education. You could also volunteer to help reach the UN’s sustainable development goals. Volunteering abroad is something that I personally have always wanted to do but have never been able to, so if you have the chance, why not get started? You can sign up at https://aiesec.org/.

Are you more of a tech person? If so, there are two companies who recommend working for them: Jobber, and Startup Edmonton. Both are software companies looking for people who are enthusiastic about technology to join their teams. Jobber is currently looking for software developers as well as marketing people if that’s more your lane, and Startup Edmonton is offering a summer student program for people who are eager to try their hand at tech jobs, and it also includes a free membership for students that involves access to events and workshops to help further your skills. If any of that seems interesting, you can learn more at https://getjobber.com/careers/ and https://studentstartuplife.com/.

Psychology, sociology and education students, this next opportunity is geared almost exclusively to you. Inspire Lead Achieve is the High Prairie school division and they are looking for people to teach or even just support our leaders of tomorrow–the children. The school division includes 13 schools in north-central Alberta that collectively have 3,200 students. The only downside to all of this is that these jobs are all full-time and are very hard to balance with school, but if you’re close to graduating, this might be the perfect job for you. To learn more, you can visit https://hpsd.ca/ and to apply, email hr@hpsd.ca.

Do you want to work with kids outside of a school setting? How about Pedalheads? For the months of July and August, Pedalheads looks for people to work at their summer camps, and both you and the kids get to have a good time. You get to lead games and make crafts with subtle lessons, making for a good old educational time. You can learn more at https://www.pedalheads.com/.

The City of Edmonton also has quite a few great summer jobs and internship opportunities; unfortunately, it is a lot harder for me to give you specifics as they change the job postings on their websites weekly. According to the representative that I spoke with, they post jobs and take them down exactly one week later to ensure that they do not have an excessive amount of applicants, but they also have job openings that work for people interested in sciences, arts, business, and everything in between, so the best thing to do would be to periodically check back on the openings to find something for you. You can find said job postings at https://www.edmonton.ca/city_government/jobs.aspx.

These were all the companies that were looking for new employees at the career fair, but did you know that you can also find job postings through Concordia Online Services? Simply log in and find select “Job Postings”  from the drop-down resources menu, and if you’re not ready to apply for any jobs yet because you’re feeling skeptical about your resume, Career Services can help. The lovely people who work in Career Services are always happy to take a look at your resume for you and help you fix it as long as you have an appointment. To book an appointment, visit https://tinyurl.com/y85ah8tu.

If you weren’t able to attend the career fair or didn’t have time to get all the information you needed, hopefully now you have it. Good luck with your job applications!

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