Thunderfest 2019: A Recap

By Dylan Haslam

This school year started off with the arrival of quite a few new students, all eager to start off their first year of university here at CUE. These students have yet to make a name for themselves and, in many ways, are still trying to find their place within society and our school structure. The returning students to CUE, however, have already found their grounding and already consider our university home. Both sets of students tend to stick to the friends they currently have, or with clubs, teams, or unions they belong to. Very rarely do we see these students interact with each other in a social setting. It would take a large-scale event, offering a variety of different features that appeal to all demographics of students, to bring such high numbers together. It is rare to see such events that can shift people to a similar mindset of kinship

This past Friday, one such large-scale event took place. It marked Concordia’s second official Thunderfest. The event was put on by the Concordia Students Association’s very own VP of Student Life, Hannah Ludladge. Thunderfest brought together students of all ages in the goal of simply allowing students to unwind and further their bonds with one another. The event had representatives from popular student social spots such as the Canadian Brewhouse, Beercade, The Yellowhead Brewery, and Virgin Radio. While free swag was given to visiting students that paid particular tents a visit, we are truly able to marvel at just how many businesses were willing to show up to greet and talk to our students. Ludlage did a truly fantastic job of coordinating volunteers to help this event run as smooth as possible. It is also worth noting that this event was possible due to her tireless vision and planning. It goes to show just how much the CSA cares about the students they represent. 

Another highlight of the event was that of the quality that went into the free hotdogs that were given out. Neil Bailey and his kitchen staff, along with Grill Master Dylan, were able to deliver a certain wow factor that added on to the good time people were already having. If there is one thing we learned through the hosting of events here at CUE, it’s that free food will always draw in a crowd. When asked what it is about these events that seem to bring people together, Grill Master Dylan had this to say: “Here at Concordia, we are a close community. There will always be those who choose to volunteer, and there will always be people who prefer to attend the events. Regardless of what you believe your role to be here at CUE, we all bleed blue and gold. These events allow students of various interests to come together. Whether you enjoy live music,  drinking, socializing with friends, or free food, we have something for everyone. We have the responsibility to show new students how to form these bonds, and get them ready to take over when we leave.” Grill Master Dylan had to return to his shift, but it was truly a sight to see so many students who care about the community come to volunteer. The school community is truly lucky to have such considerate people amongst its numbers.

Compared to previous years, this year’s Beer Gardens had a much larger setup and featured live music from both current and past CUE students. This was the tip of the iceberg that made this night truly unforgettable. Students were able to see familiar faces and make new friends. That is more than we could ever ask for. It is events like these that allow us to make memories that we will speak of for years to come. Through a wacky groups of students that care, we are able to stride further toward mutual kinship. I give the night ten stars.

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