Vignettes Showcase Edmonton

It’s Fall, Concordia–that time of year right before it’s about to be way too cold to step outside and we all want to soak up the last bits of fresh air we can.

If you’re looking for an excuse to head out and enjoy the crisp fall weather this month, you might want to consider checking out the Vignettes Design Series, an interactive art gallery right here in Edmonton featuring the interactive creations of various local artists, architects, contractors, makers, and creators.

This year, the festival is also featuring some new nightly programming such as the Thursday night Thought Series–guided conversations about a wide array of topics for various Edmonton industries–the Friday night Mix Series–featuring a combination of local DJs curating music mixes accompanied by mixologists making signature cocktails–and the Saturday night Chef Series–cooking classes held in the festival’s super kitchen, led by local celebrity chefs. These series are a great chance to get out on the town, take a break, and maybe even pick up some new skills in the kitchen along the way.

The Vignettes Design Series is on now on 104 street downtown Edmonton. You can check out their website,, or find them on Instagram @vignettesyeg to find out more.

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