By Cole Groeneveld

I had the opportunity to attend the 55th Rocky Mountain Business Seminar (RMBS) hosted by the UofA. We spent five days at the Jasper Park Lodge and were presented with keynote speakers, workshops, networking opportunities, and a case competition. CUE was invited very last minute and I was fortunate enough to see the invitation made by the CMC to get involved. The CMC/CSA were a huge help in getting me the information and forms needed to get involved and want to thank them for that.

From my experience, I want to mention two things that stood out to me. First is the power of networking. The event was called a “networking event” and, I’ll be honest, I didn’t grasp what that experience would really entail. Every day and almost every hour I had the opportunity to talk to other students from schools across Canada and co-operates from various business backgrounds. Having built these networks, it has already developed into some potential employment opportunities. Every student should take the opportunity to network when possible. In my case, graduating in April and looking for a job during a recession, my connections will be extremely valuable. 

The second thing I noticed was the emphasis from the co-operates on the importance of failure. Kind of a weird concept, but almost every keynote speaker and workshop talked about embracing failure and using it. One speaker talked about gatherings that happen and you share your biggest failures. At the end, though, everyone applauds you for it. This really impacted me personally as I can be extremely critical of myself. I am that person that still loses sleep over a mistake I made in high school, so when considering the power in embracing and using failure to gain momentum in my life, it greatly shifted my mindset. I learned that failure is the stepping stones to success.

RMBS 2020 was an experience that I hope every student can experience. I highly encourage students to look for conferences and seminars like this to create the same opportunities I am benefiting from. 

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