Free Motivational Workshop!

Prusik Presents: Build A Stronger Brain!
Tuesday, October 6th from 12-1

Do you sometimes get stuck when life throws you a curve-ball? It happens to us all. We don’t know if we should accept the new job position, or don’t know if we should move to a new city. That is only two of the difficult life decisions that you may go through.

In this motivational workshop, there will be two guests who will be hosting the virtual workshop. Carol Huynh, an Olympic gold and bronze medalist who has her masters in counselling Psychology and Monique Smith, a child and teen therapist.

This motivational workshop is open to students, staff and faculty.

Join us on October 6th for one hour and enjoy a free, motivational workshop!

We encourage those who cannot attend the live presentation to register as the event will be recorded and available for viewing until October 16th.  

Registration link:

Event link for Oct 6th at 12:00-1:00:

Written by: Sarah Cowan

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