Staying Entertained During The Pandemic

Hello my fellow Bolt enthusiasts! It’s your friendly neighborhood entertainment writer and nerd here. I’m not sure about you, but I am willing to be the first to admit that this pandemic has been a tough one. I know the adjustment to life at home can be quite tough, well, tough for anyone other than my fellow house dwelling nerds. But take it from this writer, just because you have to stay home doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. In this article I will give you some fun binge worthy shows and movies. So grab some snacks, your comfiest blankets/pajamas and enjoy. 

 While many things have been halted or paused as a result of this pandemic, Netflix has actually remained pretty steady for producing and streaming some quality movies. My top picks for best series to watch at home include: The Umbrella Academy, Lucifer, Warrior Nun, Bojack Horseman, The Last Kingdom, and Cursed. Most of these shows have actually just been renewed for more seasons, so now is the perfect time to start them! In terms of new anime, Netflix now has the romantic comedy series Toradora, the sad series Erased, and the newest season of Sword Art Online. For more saucy content we even have shows like Love is Blind and Too Hot too Handle. But in my honest opinion, the absolute best piece of content that has arrived on Netflix is Cobra Kai. This fantastic revisiting of the classic Karate Kid series even original stars Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso) and the legend himself William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence). On top of the return of stars and other original cast members, it is absolutely amazing to see such a well known pop culture series continue without it ending up as another reboot. It is simply the main two stars continuing their rivalry and seeing each of them continue to develop and learn as people while aiming to pass on their legacy to their students. As of this past week the premier day for season three has been announced as well as it has even been announced that it has been renewed for a fourth season. Lastly, The Haunting of Bly Manor will be premiering October 9th, 2020. So feel free to save that gothic horror tale for Halloween. 

 For those of you who prefer the Disney side of things, The Manadlorian will be returning October 20th, 2020 to Disney Plus. If any of you have cancelled your membership, it may be time to renew it again because this new season is going to be action packed! While you’re on a Star Wars bender, it is worth noting that all the seasons of the Clone Wars are out. Another series that is worth looking at is High school Musical The Musical The Series. While the title takes your breath away to even say, this series surprised me. The actors are all professionals and even have one of the best improvised lines that I have ever seen. While it follows some aspects of the traditional series that we all grew up singing along to, it takes some refreshing liberties. Because we are in October you can never go wrong with re watching the Halloween Town franchise or either of the Twitches movies. 

Life may be different during the times of this pandemic, but honestly the world of pop culture is continuing to thrive. With quality movies and series being pumped out by streaming platforms and many online panels being hosted, you will have plenty of entertainment to enjoy while being confined to your house. So assemble your watch list and get your blankets out because we may all have to social distance but you can stay as close to your television and or laptops as much as you want. For more quality entertainment content to help keep you busy this pandemic, keep an eye out for more articles being released from the Bolt. This writer also had the privilege of hosting my own online panel with pop culture celebs that even features a live performance of the original Pokemon theme song, sung by the original singer. It can be found on the Bolt Facebook page.

Written by: Dylan Haslam

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