Preparing For Finals

It’s almost that time of the year, exams are coming, and assignments are due. That can bring stress to us as students. With the new regulations coming out, all this can put a lot of pressure on us and as students we have faced a lot of challenges. You might ask yourself how is it possible to cope with the new lockdown regulations, how can we prepare for the exams and finish our assignments. When preparing for finals it can be hard to focus, and we might get distracted very easily, it happens sometimes and shows us that we are human. It can be hard to study by yourself and with online classes, it can be challenging because we might not have been paying attention in each lesson. 

Exams can be stressful, and it is important that we take care of ourselves during these stressful times. Our mental health is important and we as individuals are important. That is something we should never forget, here are some tips to help prepare for your upcoming final exams. 

Tips for preparing for Finals: 

1. Make a schedule 

As students, we have a hard time sticking to a schedule especially when it comes to finals. So setting this time aside each day is very important to allow you to study for these upcoming exams. Having a schedule as a student during exam times reduces the amount of stress put on students. It allows students the freedom to make their own choices on what they want to study and their own study timetable. 

2. Take breaks 

It is very vital as students that we take breaks whether it’s 15 minutes to just rest and reset or just to make sure that you understand the topic that is in front of you. Sometimes we might abuse these breaks and spend it on Netflix and can get distracted easily, but it is important to keep to that schedule and take small breaks. 

3. Reward yourself 

It’s OK to treat yourself when you know that you have done the work! It can also help in terms of studying and once you get something right you are treated to a chocolate bar or a TV show. It can really motivate you in the right direction. When rewarding yourself, try not to get too carried away because you need to make sure that you understand the material. 

4. Ask for help 

Sometimes as students we are afraid to ask others for help, but sometimes asking for help can go a long way in motivating you in the right direction. When asking for help from professors or other students in the class, it could bring a new perspective to the topic at hand. The school offers assistance towards students with tutors that can be used for your benefits during the finals. 

5. Writing your own notes 

The hardest part of being a student can be writing your own notes, because through high school we have been given the notes so formulating our own can be quite difficult. Writing the notes in

your own words allows you to have a better understanding of the topic. It may even bring about a new example that you can apply during the exam. Even though the exams are open books, having your own notes can go a long way when you look at the professors’ powerpoints and a textbook. 

Here are resources that the school offers and can help for upcoming finals Tutoring; Our tutors give individualized instruction in a field of study that they are knowledgeable or accredited in. They work one-on-one with you to help you understand your course material. | Website: try/ 

Learning Accommodations; Learning Accommodations are supported set in place to give students with disabilities equal access to post-secondary learning. If you have questions or would like to refer an individual, contact Learning Accommodations at the email below. | Website: bilities/ | Email: 

The Writing Centre; Currently online for Fall 2020, the Writing Centre is a free service that provides one-on-one writing consultations and tutoring for studies in English. | Website:

Library; Please refer students to the library page if they need assistance with research or other resources. | Website: 

Written by: Deborah Olawale

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