Poems From Anonymous

Today we have a different kind of article that is being posted! Instead of it being article from a writer here at The Bolt, we have special content. Today you will have the privilege to read a couple poems from an anonymous writer.

I never saw it coming
It took me by surprise
The truth of what was hidden
Was right there in your eyes
You look away to hide it
But I saw the truth laid bare
We never saw this coming
But now that it is here
Are you going to tell me?
Or swallow it in fear

Alone at night, in a lonely room
My mind is racing with thoughts of you
I can’t sleep till you are gone
My loving heart forever longs
I hear your song, I see your face
It takes me back to the day we met
The day a star descended down
And turning my world upside down
I’ll never say just who you are
That secret stays in a lonely room.

The light that shines into the dark
Is looking for a certain heart
A beacon flares in times of need
And never will it change the speed
Through life and death, it always guides
Until again our world collide
And once again stand side by side.

Although the path between them was lost among the stars
The loneliness was crippling
They never gave up hope
That eventually the visions they both dreamed existed
Would finally come to be
And once they both stood ready
Their paths would surely meet

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