Grasping The New Year

It is officially a new year and we are back for a new semester. Nothing could have prepared us for what 2020 had for us but 2021 looks to be a brighter future. When looking towards what 2021 has for us, it can be nerve-racking because of everything we have gone through. This new semester will bring an end to this year of online classes. Our mental health has been tested more over in this past year. This test can affect our work ethic while starting this new semester.  We, as students, have seen what a whole semester online is like. It brought new challenges but it made us better and determined to achieve success. 

Going back to school may bring a sense of purpose for us students, it allowed for us to grasp a different understanding of ourselves through our progress. It can be hard to look at progress through school, but understand that we have come so far with our work ethic, and everything that has taken place over the year. It is important to look at this new year as a new beginning and the best way to understand this is with a couple tips.

Here are some tips to grasp the New Year:

  1. Fresh start:

Sometimes it’s hard to think about starting fresh but if we’re able to let go of the past and everything that has happened in 2020 and look towards the future, everything can fall into place for us. Letting yourself have a fresh start can open new doors, and allow for you see the world in a new light, make 2021 your do-over year for things you could not do in 2020.

  1. Forgive yourself: 

It is important that we learn to forgive ourselves. This can be hard if we are especially hard on ourselves for not achieving the goals set for 2020. If we are able to forgive ourselves it can allow for 2021 to be the start of something new, setting easier goals that we are able to achieve within this year.  

  1. Let go of the past:

We have to learn to let go of her past this can be done leaving everything behind and just looking to ahead. The past can sometimes be difficult and to face it alone makes it even harder, it is good to have someone you can rely on that can help with the transition of letting go.

  1. Be better to yourself:

We have to treat ourselves better emotional, physically, and mentally. It is especially hard  when we have seen a lot of negativity within our lives. This year why not appreciate yourself by being kinder to yourself and know mistakes happen but you are okay.

  1. Looking forward to the year ahead:

It can be hard to look at what this year holds for us, but it is important in allowing us to always hold onto hope. We have experienced a lot in 2020, but all we can do is look forward to next day, and how we as individuals can improve ourselves. It is okay to make plans for this year, it is never a bad idea to have plans, whether it is financially or an up and coming vacation. 

If the holiday season was hard on you, sometimes you might be looking for someone to listen to you. It can be hard to find someone available to talk to during these times, the school allows for us to reach out to others with the use of the services. Services offered by the school to look for during this semester:

Counselling Services: Psychological support to students. To access online support please use the website link below to book an appointment or use the chat function to speak to a member of the Peer Support Team. To access support in person, visit the Student Success Centre and speak to Wendy to book an appointment or visit the Peer Support Team during their office hours. | Website:

CUE Wellness: Concordia University of Edmonton is committed to promoting health and wellness for the whole CUE community. If you have questions about events that are taking place on campus or ways to improve your overall wellness contact the Campus Wellness Coordinator at the email below. | Website: | Email: 

Career Services: Concordia Career Services offers resources for students and alumni with regards to anything relating to jobs, careers and career related planning (eg. Graduate programs). Some specific things Career Services can assist with include career exploration, Job search, and cover letter and resume writing. |Website: | Email:

By: Deborah Olawale

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