Over the past few weeks, Edmonton has been experiencing a huge heatwave which is being defined as “dangerous” that has just risen in Alberta, but numerous temperature records have already been demolished. During these rising temperatures, our personalities and habits change simultaneously with it.
Different seasons exhibit different emotions and moods with the season we are facing; summer.
Summer makes it exceptionally hard to concentrate as you can feel the sun calling you out to go enjoy a spray park, a drive, plan another vacation, one more cup of a smoothie, and so on; the temptations are endless.

Few tips to help you concentrate:

Going old school
: Utilizing a pen and paper can avoid the temptation that arises from photos,
videos, status updates from Instagram, Twitter, and so on of your friends enjoying the sunshine.

Timing: Set aside time for work and extracurricular activities; this way, the brain will stay fresh
and enjoy the outside world.

Rewards: Reward yourself when you get the work-related task done with a smoothie, a drive, or
a weekend away with friends.

Sleep: Sleeping at the right time and amount is essential for the body and mind. Sleep improves your productivity and concentration, which will lead to more time spent under the sun.

There are several ways to improve focus, so let’s utilize the summer!

Written by: Alena Daniel

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