First Day In Canada As An International Student

I often find myself thinking about my first day in Canada. The day when I left my warm and cozy life with my parents and moved to a new and unknown country. The day when I, despite being a teenager, became an adult. The day when I knew that moving forward, this was my journey. The day that will forever remain in my memory as a life changing experience. It was the day that I hugged my mother for so long that my arms started to hurt, yet I wouldn’t let go. 

It only feels like yesterday when I boarded the flight and left my homeland not knowing when I would see it again. As the plane gained altitude, the lights started to fade out and clouds of darkness engulfed the plane. The only time I saw light after that, both literally and metaphorically, was when we landed in Canada. 

Everything was different and new. It felt like a dream come true. It was the beginning of the new journey of life, a path where I left the nest to discover my passion. The pure white snow falling from the sky felt warm deep inside. 

It was difficult for a child who never spent a day without her mother and now it’s more than two years. If I ever get a chance to talk to my old self, I would definitely ask her to try and try. Winning or losing doesn’t matter. What matters is that I tried. And always smile no matter what the situation is or outcome as long as I am happy. 

Written by: Navleen Kaur

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