Excerpts from Catharsis;Pain and Oblivion by Rowan Dugray


Waxed wings will etch words into a one day diary, Blotches of black ink will smear notebooks with an ignorant mind, Golden fires pine the heavens, 

Sparks shimmer Olympian mists upon locks of floating hearth, Arms exposed, 

Neck vulnerable, 

A lamb to be slaughtered, 

Wind hypnotizing windows to close, 

Hoisting bare ankles, 

Charybdis hissing, 

Faith flew pegasus further, 

Helm of Darkness coaxing minotaurs closer, 

Hope hated risks, 

Joy justified ignorance, 

Spiritually unconfined, 

Winged and melting, 

Sizzling cannon balls floating like lighthouses, 

Feathers falling like prayers in the prison yard, 

Sirens of the sea webbing temptations, 

A caged bird, 

Unbroken and unchained,

Heart amiss with fantasies, 

Maybe I could never fly. 

Ego pervaded rational. 

I could not be saved. 

The sky’s paradise has impaled my inventive liberty. Father, 

Build your tallest tower, 

Stand upon it, 

And you shall see my incinerating heart, Draped in white wings bestowed to me. 

It is a flight farther to the oceans unforgiving tomb, So I promise I will not fall again, 

As long as my desire restricts it’s reach. 

You know it’s winter, 

When the leaves have fallen, 

And the tree is naked 


The wind whispers Japanese wisdom, 

Arches of moonlight, 

Bridge pathways, 

Within an earthly palace, 

Lavender fields of hardwood, 

Chimes ringing like songbirds, 

Echoing in the vastness of the cottage temple, The ocean’s fortunes, 

Worshipping the mausoleum of ill tidings, Sand crusting skin, 

Like tasteless rhubarb pie, 

Falling crumbs sprinkle… 

Onto pages and pages of prose, 

The tender licks of a small dog, 

And the jellyfish of the sky,

Recite bedtime stories, 

Sleeping enchantments, 

A delusional mind, 

Falling on an oaken pillow, 

Stranded in a sea of dreams. 


Glowing fish, 

An aimless pilgrimage of warm comets, Shot like flares across glassy skies of oceans, Sending for help, 

As there are two night skies, 

An autumnal wreath of marshes, 

Decorate the mirror, 

Idolizing the reflection, 

Dandelions blow wishes of seedlings, White fluffy pillowy fireflies. 


I can’t see you. 

I can’t see myself. 

And you know this;

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