Getting Back Into Shape

Over the past year, people are getting things done through online platforms and apps, making our lives easier. Still, along the way, we failed to notice that sitting at home, getting things done for you, we are sitting idly with a bag of chips and chocolates now, as we are slowly easing our way back to regularity to busy schedules, we have to look for ways to incorporate exercise into our daily life. 

Using the stairs alternatively for elevators/escalators or strolling to a nearby park is an excellent way to add change to your day and improve your heart rate. Walking around while talking on the phone is another way to improve fitness. 

Sitting for elongated periods has been shown to have adverse outcomes such as a greater risk for heart illness, obesity, cancer, etc. Necessitating a break every hour to get up and walk around will help limit some of these negative results. 

When doing household chores, playing some music, and dancing around, dancing will add some movement to your day and enjoyment to your routines. 

Working out first thing in the morning with little things like jumping jacks and sit-ups will improve fitness and strengthen you for the rest of the day. 

These are a few ways to incorporate exercise into our daily life; there are many other creative ways to make exercising fun.

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