Sexual Harassment In The Workforce

On the talk show “The Social,” actress Lauren Holly was asked if rejecting Harvey Weinstein and running from his room affected her career. She did not explicitly state that it did, but she did observe that, after the incident with Weinstein, she made more TV shows than movies. Many of the victims were fledglings in their Hollywood careers and wanted to make it big in a highly competitive industry. Women should never feel like they have to choose between being sexually harassed and their careers. Continue reading Sexual Harassment In The Workforce

False Advertising On Facebook

Facebook is one of the most commonly used places to get information. We get updates about our friends and their lives on Facebook; many people even get their news from it by following news outlets and reading the stories their friends share. Coupled with the multitude of companies advertising their products and services there, there is a lot to take in. Even businesses and politicians are beginning to use Facebook to advertise. Since it has become so popular as an advertising medium, the subject of false advertising has started to come up more and more frequently. Continue reading False Advertising On Facebook

Labour Day And Minimum Wage Increases

To a lot of people, Labour Day is the last weekend of summer. What many people don’t realize is that Labour Day is meant to celebrate the accomplishments of workers and the labour movement (such as an eight-hour workday) and is linked with International Worker’s Day. The dates of these celebrations occur on different days depending on the country; the United States and Canada celebrate it on the first Monday in September, and other places celebrate as the first of May, known as May Day. May Day is even acknowledged in North America; this past May Day saw marches in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia about how harsh immigration policies affect the labour force. Continue reading Labour Day And Minimum Wage Increases

Across the Universe: My Semester Abroad

So my advice to incoming students is to consider your opportunities. There are probably things you’ve never even considered doing, but if it sounds interesting, at least think about it. Not just for a nanosecond, but really consider it. It might just change your life, as corny as it sounds. I would also highly recommend travelling during your education! You learn so much. It is also a great resume-booster in this globalized world. Continue reading Across the Universe: My Semester Abroad