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The Best Like No One Ever Was

By Dylan Haslam There are many elements within the realm of pop culture and entertainment industries that make a particular movie, television show, or video game spectacular. From proper visuals to a relatable plot, all elements must blend together cohesively in order to create an unforgettable experience fans will remember. In particular, music, when executed properly, has the power to not only give someone an … Continue reading The Best Like No One Ever Was

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Days of Comics’ Past

Over the years, Edmonton’s Telus World of Science has been home to some of the coolest exhibits imaginable. From Body Works to Harry Potter, the exhibits that make their stop in Edmonton never fail to disappoint. With content that Marvel fans of all generations can appreciate and relate to, the current Marvel exhibit is no exception. Continue reading Days of Comics’ Past

Life isn’t always so Black and White

We can see elements of our world in this movie. We see parts of society that may not affect us directly but do however present their version of Hell for others. This movie allows us to analyze society through Psychological, Sociological, Philosophical, and even Political Scientific lenses to realize that every society throughout history has had a breaking point. Continue reading Life isn’t always so Black and White