The 36 Stratagems: Confrontation

Well done, you’ve made it through the month of January! I knew you could do it. Don’t let your guard down just yet, though; it only gets tougher from this point onwards. Keep at it, I believe in you! I may not be able to support you in person, but I can pass down to you some ancient Chinese wisdom from the 36 Stratagems, which you can use yourself in order to attain success. Continue reading The 36 Stratagems: Confrontation

The 36 Stratagems: An Introduction

My goal within this series will be to explore each of the 36 Stratagems, and to show you how each one of them can be applied in a university setting. This is my introduction to this series, the next issue will be focusing on the first set of the 36 Stratagems, the Stratagems For Commanding Superiority. Hopefully, you can use them to your advantage to make your university experience that much greater! Continue reading The 36 Stratagems: An Introduction

When Death Comes Knocking

We’re all going to die. Some of us will live longer than others, but death is inevitable. All we can do is try to buy ourselves some more time before Death comes knocking at our door. What does Death actually look like, though? When Death comes knocking, what happens next? Is there even a next? These questions have been fiercely debated, and there have been various interpretations of the answers all around the world and throughout history. In this article, I’m going to be exploring some different interpretations of Death and the next step. Continue reading When Death Comes Knocking

Taking A Closer Look: The Minds Behind The Microscope

The microscope, like the telescope, has had much influence. While the telescope and microscope have often crossed historical paths, they evolved into different devices entirely. Thanks to the telescope, we’re able to see into the stars. With the microscope though, we can study the smallest of organisms, the basic building blocks of life, and even the foundation of matter itself. Surely, though, this device couldn’t have come out of nowhere? Who came up with it? Let’s take a closer look. Continue reading Taking A Closer Look: The Minds Behind The Microscope

Gazing Into The Past: The Minds Behind The Telescope

The telescope has been around for centuries and it’s had great influence on human history. Our views on the solar system would be radically different if it weren’t for Galileo’s observations; for example, the Hubble Space Telescope has given us insight regarding the inner workings of our universe. Telescopes allow us to see much farther than our eyes will ever be capable of. Have you ever stopped to wonder about them, though? How did such an influential device like the telescope actually come to exist? Who was responsible? Let’s look at some of the individuals who’ve contributed. Continue reading Gazing Into The Past: The Minds Behind The Telescope