Alternative Medicine & Mental Illnesses

If you’re like me, you have probably looked for a line of work that meets your hours as a full-time (or part-time) university student. We have the career fair, career services, and many resources all tailored to help you during and after your tenure here at Concordia. However, not all jobs are created with the typical business model in mind. In this article, I will be discussing alternative medicine, highlighting its uses as well as its potential concerns. Continue reading Alternative Medicine & Mental Illnesses

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Why You Should Get Involved

Many people view politics as abstract and far-removed from their day-to-day experience. It can be difficult to relate to politicians who speak in terms you don’t always understand or debate issues you may not take specific interest in. Furthermore, it is easy to take on the position that since your opinion doesn’t go a long way on its own, why bother trying to argue for or against something that doesn’t personally impact you? Not getting involved can mean that you can avoid heated discussions with friends and family. Continue reading Why You Should Get Involved

Why You Should Be More Contrarian

What does it mean to be a contrarian? The exact definition, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, states that someone who is contrarian is “[one] who takes a contrary position or attitude.” Usually, this is observed in people who like to go against the majority or enjoy playing devil’s advocate in most situations. In common usage, the term has a negative connotation. A contrarian is someone who rejects conventional wisdom, which prolongs any conversation or meeting with objections and alternative options. Despite this negative connotation, we would benefit from having more contrarians, despite the time and energy they require. Continue reading Why You Should Be More Contrarian

Like A Girl

Growing up, gender was never something I thought I would have to consider. As a child, I never questioned gender in relation to myself. Until I went to school, I never even realized there was a difference between boys and girls, and to this day, I still don’t know what the difference is. All I remember in school regarding gender was the separation between boy and girl toys, the separation of the genders in sexual education classes, and the fact that every girl’s favourite colour was pink while the boys liked just about every other colour. Continue reading Like A Girl