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Applied Emphasis

By: Aastha Tripathi The more that I researched grad schools and their requirements for admission, the more I became aware of the importance of having experience in my professional areas of interest. The Applied Emphasis in a Psychology 4-year BA program here at Concordia provides students with the unique opportunity to apply their psychological knowledge as they work directly with people in settings such as … Continue reading Applied Emphasis

Whispers In My Ear: What Is ASMR?

Have you ever had someone whisper in your ear? It always comes with a tingling sensation in your brain, running down your body. While whispering isn’t the cause of this feeling, there is something going on that triggers the tingling. It’s some- thing we tend not to notice but the sensation is low-grade and euphoric, similar to a static-like sensation. It can’t be bad, so what is it exactly? Continue reading Whispers In My Ear: What Is ASMR?