How Will I Affect the Earth?

Donovan Makus   Every human being has an effect on our planet regardless of their lifestyle. From the most rural herder to a socialite in a modern city, we all have an impact on our planet. The size and nature of this impact, however, varies, and this is the key issue of our ecological footprints.   An ecological footprint is an attempt to quantify, in … Continue reading How Will I Affect the Earth?

Levitating into the Future

While there are significant challenges facing the hyperloop concept, it also holds hope for great advances in modern technology. The influence it would have on everyday life would be immense, enabling greater regional connections and shorter commutes.While hyperloops are still in the planning phases, they hold great promise as an environmentally sustainable and rapid method of transportation. Continue reading Levitating into the Future

Cassini Probe: The Final Signal

September 15th marked the second Friday since school began and the end of the Cassini probe, a joint project between NASA and the European and Italian space agencies. Predeceased by its partnered lander, the Huygens probe, Cassini continued to make discoveries well after its original mission had ended. Exhibiting the devotion to duty that is expected from any well-engineered spacecraft, Cassini provided valuable data until its end when it crashed through Saturn’s atmosphere at speeds of over 100,000 km/h. Continue reading Cassini Probe: The Final Signal