When You Hate Your Degree

From failing a final to dropping courses during midterms to transferring universities and living in dorms, I’ve been through situations in university I thought I would not make it through. There have been multiple times in my university career where I felt as though it was the end of the world, but surprisingly, it never has been. In this article, I want to talk about what to do when you end up in a program you hate. Continue reading When You Hate Your Degree

Real Friends

Other than schoolwork, university students often face added pressures of the increased importance of every other part of their lives. Finances, being apart from your family, and taking care of your mental health are a couple of things that shift dramatically when you enter university alongside the added sense of responsibility accompanied by the lack of sleep. While focusing on every changing aspect of your life, you might find it difficult to think of anything else, but many students entering university also find that there is an increased importance placed on relationships. Continue reading Real Friends