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Applied Emphasis

By: Aastha Tripathi The more that I researched grad schools and their requirements for admission, the more I became aware of the importance of having experience in my professional areas of interest. The Applied Emphasis in a Psychology 4-year BA program here at Concordia provides students with the unique opportunity to apply their psychological knowledge as they work directly with people in settings such as … Continue reading Applied Emphasis

Why You Should Be More Contrarian

What does it mean to be a contrarian? The exact definition, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, states that someone who is contrarian is “[one] who takes a contrary position or attitude.” Usually, this is observed in people who like to go against the majority or enjoy playing devil’s advocate in most situations. In common usage, the term has a negative connotation. A contrarian is someone who rejects conventional wisdom, which prolongs any conversation or meeting with objections and alternative options. Despite this negative connotation, we would benefit from having more contrarians, despite the time and energy they require. Continue reading Why You Should Be More Contrarian

Student Resources: CUE’s Food Bank

Amanda St. Amand has joined CUE’s family and has already made great strides in her role. Alongside her role as Dr. Barbara van Ingen’s assistant, Amanda has worked tirelessly on the Food Bank to ensure a well-rounded experience with students. We sat down for an interview and I learned about the remarkable things she’s done in her own life, like repelling off a downtown office … Continue reading Student Resources: CUE’s Food Bank

Vignettes Showcase Edmonton

It’s Fall, Concordia–that time of year right before it’s about to be way too cold to step outside and we all want to soak up the last bits of fresh air we can. If you’re looking for an excuse to head out and enjoy the crisp fall weather this month, you might want to consider checking out the Vignettes Design Series, an interactive art gallery … Continue reading Vignettes Showcase Edmonton