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Art That Heals The Soul

With things starting to open around our city, we are also faced with the reality that it has been a long time since we have done anything social. And what better way to get back into the swing of things than by going with your friends to the “IMAGINE VAN GOH” exhibit which is currently taking place at the Edmonton Expo Center. This amazing exhibit … Continue reading Art That Heals The Soul

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Getting Back Into Shape

Over the past year, people are getting things done through online platforms and apps, making our lives easier. Still, along the way, we failed to notice that sitting at home, getting things done for you, we are sitting idly with a bag of chips and chocolates now, as we are slowly easing our way back to regularity to busy schedules, we have to look for … Continue reading Getting Back Into Shape

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One day, One Hundred Countries

Imagine being able to travel around the whole world in just one day, making stops at 100 different countries without any layovers. Imagine being able to immerse yourself in many different cultures, being able to join in on traditional dances and songs, witnessing stunning and vibrant art and cultural displays, and indulging yourself in various cuisines that stimulate your taste buds and make you go … Continue reading One day, One Hundred Countries

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Excerpts from Catharsis;Pain and Oblivion by Rowan Dugray

Icarus  Waxed wings will etch words into a one day diary, Blotches of black ink will smear notebooks with an ignorant mind, Golden fires pine the heavens,  Sparks shimmer Olympian mists upon locks of floating hearth, Arms exposed,  Neck vulnerable,  A lamb to be slaughtered,  Wind hypnotizing windows to close,  Hoisting bare ankles,  Charybdis hissing,  Faith flew pegasus further,  Helm of Darkness coaxing minotaurs closer,  … Continue reading Excerpts from Catharsis;Pain and Oblivion by Rowan Dugray

Free Speech, Society, and University

The constant struggles over free speech, sometimes erupting into revolutions in the past, also shows us a deeper conflict between individual and societal focuses that demonstrate why this issue is hotly contested. In this setting, the impact of societal attitudes on the individual can shine through and lead to more civil discourse by addressing the source of the problem rather than its symptoms. Continue reading Free Speech, Society, and University

Through the Eyes of an International Student

Excitement rolled over when I took my first step on the carpeted floors of Edmonton International Airport in January of 2017. It was when I first encountered Canadian winter, but the chill felt delightful. As I reached closer to downtown, the night view of the River Valley and the sleepless buildings were spectacular. However, living in a foreign country is very different from traveling it. Continue reading Through the Eyes of an International Student