Memoir of a Fourth Year Student

Every time a new school year comes around, I see myself and my classmates filled with a combination of emotions ranging from stress and anxiety to optimism and motivation for the upcoming year. Getting back into the swing of assignments, deadlines, and tests is no easy feat, but looking back on the semester when it is over is a reminder that not only are we capable of finishing the huge amount of work that lies ahead of us, but we are capable of doing it well. Continue reading Memoir of a Fourth Year Student

Across the Universe: My Semester Abroad

So my advice to incoming students is to consider your opportunities. There are probably things you’ve never even considered doing, but if it sounds interesting, at least think about it. Not just for a nanosecond, but really consider it. It might just change your life, as corny as it sounds. I would also highly recommend travelling during your education! You learn so much. It is also a great resume-booster in this globalized world. Continue reading Across the Universe: My Semester Abroad