Canadians In Entertainment

Canadian media has always seemed like a bit of a joke. For the most part, the majority of Canadian-produced content consists of lamer versions of American shows and channels, such as Much Music and shows like Canadian Idol. Anything new that’s even remotely original to Canada either doesn’t do well or is doomed to fail due to not being accessible enough. Unfortunately, this has been the rut that Canadian artists, filmmakers, and actors have faced for decades, and plenty of our most talented citizens eventually move south to the United States in search of success. However, there are cases of Canadians who have successfully produced content in entertainment that maintained a distinct Canadian identity without becoming Americanized. Continue reading Canadians In Entertainment

Like A Girl

Growing up, gender was never something I thought I would have to consider. As a child, I never questioned gender in relation to myself. Until I went to school, I never even realized there was a difference between boys and girls, and to this day, I still don’t know what the difference is. All I remember in school regarding gender was the separation between boy and girl toys, the separation of the genders in sexual education classes, and the fact that every girl’s favourite colour was pink while the boys liked just about every other colour. Continue reading Like A Girl

Concordia Thunder: Volleyball

Hello Concordia! I am Rebekka Hay, and as your Athletic Ambassador, I am delighted to be covering stories surrounding athletics. The strategy that I have put in motion for the first half of this semester is to focus on each of Concordia’s sports teams; this will lend fellow students insight on the unique training, perspectives, and challenges faced by student athletes. Each successive article will develop around one sport in particular. That being said, this article will recognize the Thunder volleyball teams. Continue reading Concordia Thunder: Volleyball

Listen, Then Be Heard

We’ve witnessed two major Canadian political upsets in recent history from here in Alberta. First, the provincial election in May of 2015, then, the same year, the federal election in October. Both elections saw Conservative Party governments overturned in favour of the NDP and Liberal Party, respectively. If these results prove anything, it’s that voting makes a difference. Continue reading Listen, Then Be Heard

Cassini Probe: The Final Signal

September 15th marked the second Friday since school began and the end of the Cassini probe, a joint project between NASA and the European and Italian space agencies. Predeceased by its partnered lander, the Huygens probe, Cassini continued to make discoveries well after its original mission had ended. Exhibiting the devotion to duty that is expected from any well-engineered spacecraft, Cassini provided valuable data until its end when it crashed through Saturn’s atmosphere at speeds of over 100,000 km/h. Continue reading Cassini Probe: The Final Signal

Gazing Into The Past: The Minds Behind The Telescope

The telescope has been around for centuries and it’s had great influence on human history. Our views on the solar system would be radically different if it weren’t for Galileo’s observations; for example, the Hubble Space Telescope has given us insight regarding the inner workings of our universe. Telescopes allow us to see much farther than our eyes will ever be capable of. Have you ever stopped to wonder about them, though? How did such an influential device like the telescope actually come to exist? Who was responsible? Let’s look at some of the individuals who’ve contributed. Continue reading Gazing Into The Past: The Minds Behind The Telescope

Labour Day And Minimum Wage Increases

To a lot of people, Labour Day is the last weekend of summer. What many people don’t realize is that Labour Day is meant to celebrate the accomplishments of workers and the labour movement (such as an eight-hour workday) and is linked with International Worker’s Day. The dates of these celebrations occur on different days depending on the country; the United States and Canada celebrate it on the first Monday in September, and other places celebrate as the first of May, known as May Day. May Day is even acknowledged in North America; this past May Day saw marches in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia about how harsh immigration policies affect the labour force. Continue reading Labour Day And Minimum Wage Increases