When You Hate Your Degree

From failing a final to dropping courses during midterms to transferring universities and living in dorms, I’ve been through situations in university I thought I would not make it through. There have been multiple times in my university career where I felt as though it was the end of the world, but surprisingly, it never has been. In this article, I want to talk about what to do when you end up in a program you hate. Continue reading When You Hate Your Degree

Review: Blade Runner 2049

Despite the fact that the first Blade Runner film was released 35 years ago, Blade Runner 2049 successfully follows the original in both quality and tone. In a world filled with crappy sequels and reboots that try to capitalize on a successful movie’s popularity, Blade Runner 2049 is refreshing. Not only is it a fantastic follow up to the 1982 Ridley Scott original, but it also maintains its own plot and introduces new well-developed characters. Continue reading Review: Blade Runner 2049

Excerpt: Did You Miss Me?

She drew in a long, calculated breath. The panic that had sent her running had finally settled down, and her mind was clear enough so that she could untangle the maze of thoughts that had been crashing around in her head. It had been just hours since she and Mark had been on their way to Jasper; the October air was crisp, his car was loaded, and their much-needed mountain getaway had finally come. She remembered every song on the playlist she had prepared. She remembered the rest stops, the pictures she’d taken, the moment that they had both been laughing so hard that Mark almost lost control of the steering wheel… Continue reading Excerpt: Did You Miss Me?

Sexual Harassment In The Workforce

On the talk show “The Social,” actress Lauren Holly was asked if rejecting Harvey Weinstein and running from his room affected her career. She did not explicitly state that it did, but she did observe that, after the incident with Weinstein, she made more TV shows than movies. Many of the victims were fledglings in their Hollywood careers and wanted to make it big in a highly competitive industry. Women should never feel like they have to choose between being sexually harassed and their careers. Continue reading Sexual Harassment In The Workforce

The History Of Concordia

Though it is not even a century old, Concordia University of Edmonton has undergone many progressive changes to its image. In this article, I will explore and discover new facts and events in Concordia’s history by asking people that have greatly influenced this facility’s image. We have a seasoned staff that have dedicated many years of work into these walls. Continue reading The History Of Concordia

When Death Comes Knocking

We’re all going to die. Some of us will live longer than others, but death is inevitable. All we can do is try to buy ourselves some more time before Death comes knocking at our door. What does Death actually look like, though? When Death comes knocking, what happens next? Is there even a next? These questions have been fiercely debated, and there have been various interpretations of the answers all around the world and throughout history. In this article, I’m going to be exploring some different interpretations of Death and the next step. Continue reading When Death Comes Knocking

Whispers In My Ear: What Is ASMR?

Have you ever had someone whisper in your ear? It always comes with a tingling sensation in your brain, running down your body. While whispering isn’t the cause of this feeling, there is something going on that triggers the tingling. It’s some- thing we tend not to notice but the sensation is low-grade and euphoric, similar to a static-like sensation. It can’t be bad, so what is it exactly? Continue reading Whispers In My Ear: What Is ASMR?