UCP Leadership Race: “United in the Pursuit of Power”

With the municipal elections scheduled for the 16th, you would think we would be able to enjoy a respite from elections for a while. But not to fear, the political animal in all of us will not hunger for long knowing that Alberta’s provincial political scene is shifting into high gear as the UCP Leadership Race heats up. Continue reading UCP Leadership Race: “United in the Pursuit of Power”

United Conservative Party: A Rundown

Are they the Progressive Party or the Wildrose Party? The answer, ladies and gentlemen, is the United Conservative Party. The vote to merge both parties took place on July 22 of this year with a 95% agreement between the two. The Progressive Conservative party took a hard hit during the last provincial elections when the NDP attained the majority of the vote; the Wildrose became the official opposition party with the most seats won. The 44-year rule of the Progressive Conservative dynasty had come to an end and, as a result, the PC party attempted to salvage their mess by merging with the Wildrose party. Continue reading United Conservative Party: A Rundown

Listen, Then Be Heard

We’ve witnessed two major Canadian political upsets in recent history from here in Alberta. First, the provincial election in May of 2015, then, the same year, the federal election in October. Both elections saw Conservative Party governments overturned in favour of the NDP and Liberal Party, respectively. If these results prove anything, it’s that voting makes a difference. Continue reading Listen, Then Be Heard