What the Alberta 2019 Budget Means for You

It will take years to fully understand the impact of this budget. The UCP Government is hopeful that the changes will lead to economic growth and overall prosperity. The NDP response focuses on how the government’s cuts will lead to increased capital project waits, particularly for post-secondary students. Because the effects of any changes on the entire Albertan economy will take years to materialize, only time will tell who is right. Continue reading What the Alberta 2019 Budget Means for You

Student Resources: CUE’s Food Bank

Amanda St. Amand has joined CUE’s family and has already made great strides in her role. Alongside her role as Dr. Barbara van Ingen’s assistant, Amanda has worked tirelessly on the Food Bank to ensure a well-rounded experience with students. We sat down for an interview and I learned about the remarkable things she’s done in her own life, like repelling off a downtown office … Continue reading Student Resources: CUE’s Food Bank

Free Speech, Society, and University

The constant struggles over free speech, sometimes erupting into revolutions in the past, also shows us a deeper conflict between individual and societal focuses that demonstrate why this issue is hotly contested. In this setting, the impact of societal attitudes on the individual can shine through and lead to more civil discourse by addressing the source of the problem rather than its symptoms. Continue reading Free Speech, Society, and University

Through the Eyes of an International Student

Excitement rolled over when I took my first step on the carpeted floors of Edmonton International Airport in January of 2017. It was when I first encountered Canadian winter, but the chill felt delightful. As I reached closer to downtown, the night view of the River Valley and the sleepless buildings were spectacular. However, living in a foreign country is very different from traveling it. Continue reading Through the Eyes of an International Student

Life isn’t always so Black and White

We can see elements of our world in this movie. We see parts of society that may not affect us directly but do however present their version of Hell for others. This movie allows us to analyze society through Psychological, Sociological, Philosophical, and even Political Scientific lenses to realize that every society throughout history has had a breaking point. Continue reading Life isn’t always so Black and White

Vignettes Showcase Edmonton

It’s Fall, Concordia–that time of year right before it’s about to be way too cold to step outside and we all want to soak up the last bits of fresh air we can. If you’re looking for an excuse to head out and enjoy the crisp fall weather this month, you might want to consider checking out the Vignettes Design Series, an interactive art gallery … Continue reading Vignettes Showcase Edmonton